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Spoiled Cat Has The Best Party Ever For Her Birthday

There are two kinds of pet owners: ones that insist on treating their pets like pets, and those of us who spoil our pets rotten, as if they're our own kids.

The woman in these photos from Imgur user crazycatlady1996 definitely falls into the second group.

We know a birthday is a very special occasion, but cats don't know they're getting any older, and it seems like this one's owner put a lot of effort into this celebration.

First, she set up some decorations:


If you were cynical, you could say that this is already a waste of time - since cat's can't read, after all.

Although, the Hello Kitty decorations in the background are a nice touch. It's like inviting a bunch of other cats to the party.

It turns out those decorations weren't enough, so there was a follow-up trip to the party store.


Notice the stylish shoulder bag with the cat on it, very fitting.

But if you think this was already too much work, you're in for one last surprise.

The woman actually made four birthday cakes for her pet. It looks like either rice or cat food, each topped with a delicious jumbo shrimp. What a feast!



You can tell from the perfectly relaxed expressions on this cat's face that she had a great time at her party.

How will they manage to top this next year? Maybe by inviting a few more cats like Sammi did when it was her cat Lolita's birthday:

Have you ever thrown a birthday party for your pet? Share this post and tell us!

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