Watch: 1,600-Pound Steer Tests Store's "Pet-Friendly" Policy

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Watch: 1,600-Pound Steer Tests Store's "Pet-Friendly" Policy

Vincent Browning - Facebook

The world is getting easier for pet parents in recent years, as more stores and businesses welcome all creatures great and small to shop with their owners.

You can get a Puppuccino for your dog at Starbucks, and major chains like Home Depot, Pottery Barn, and Macy's welcome animals in some of their stores.

The most inclusive businesses of all are pet stores like Petco, which brags that all pets on a leash are welcome.

Oliver the Bull Petco
All pets on a leash are welcome in Petco - including giant steers.Vincent Browning - Facebook

But an animal trainer from Texas put the chain's kindly attitude to the test, when he brought his 1,600-pound steer into the store.

The huge longhorn, named Oliver, is a gentle giant trained by his owners Vincent Browning and Shelly Lumpkin for appearances at events like birthday parties and rodeos

Oliver looked totally unfazed as shoppers patted him, and Browning wrote on Facebook that his oversized pet was welcomed "with open arms" by staff.

Posted by Vincent Browning on Monday, March 18, 2019

"We decided to take a chance and call Petco's bluff on the 'ALL LEASHED PETS ARE WELCOME' policy," he wrote about the visit. "The awesome crew at Petco - Atascocita did not disappoint!"

Lumpkin made it clear that the couple asked store employees for permission before bringing Oliver indoors, and says they actually insisted on meeting him.

"The whole staff there was really nice about it and excited," she told Yahoo.

Oliver the Steer
Oliver's horns measure over 9 feet long, including their curve.Vincent Browning - Facebook

The animal's enormous horns were particularly fascinating to his new admirers. Oliver is a Ankole-Watusi, the breed that includes a world-record holding bull with 40-inch round horns.

Oliver's own horns, a little more modest, are still an impressive 9'6" from end to end (measured along the curve).

You can follow Oliver the African Watusi on Facebook to see more photos and videos of this impressive critter.

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Are you impressed by Oliver? Have you ever seen someone shopping with their unusual pet?

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