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Steve Harvey Steps Up After 'Family Feud' Contestant Reveals Emotional Secret


When you watch Family Feud, it's always a good time. Everyone is always laughing and enjoying themselves, just trying to win some cash. Sometimes families get a little too excited about the prize, but who wouldn't?

The prize is pretty sweet. I know I could use $20,000 to help in my daily life!


But after one particular episode of Family Feud, host Steve Harvey noticed there was something off about one of the contestants. Now, Harvey has been hosting for eight years, so he's seen his fair share of people. For Harvey to notice something different about a single contestant means it was a big deal.

While on his show during the "Summer of Steve," Harvey opened up about the emotional experience.

Steve Harvey Uncut

"He was sweating profusely to the point where we had to change his shirt," Harvey recalled. "He had played three days and they didn't win the [Fast Money], and he was just a wreck. And you know, I was trying to joke with him but he was sweating too hard and I said, 'You know, something is wrong with this man.'"

Finally, the contestant's family was victorious and won the $20,000.

"And he just fell on his knees and we wouldn't stop crying," the host said. "So they picked him up and finally I was talking to him after the show and I said 'Hey man, you're pretty emotional about the $20,000.'"

It was the man's answer that really affected Harvey.

"He said, 'Steve, I'm terminally ill. I've got three months to live, and because of my illness, I can't get insurance. I need this money for my family,'" Harvey said quietly.

The entire audience was taken aback, but it's what Harvey said next that gave everyone chills.

"I said...I gave him $25,000 more because I didn't know what to do," Harvey said.

It's unclear whether the money came from Harvey himself or the production company, but either way it's an incredibly kind gesture on behalf of the host. Harvey also didn't share which family he gave the money to, presumably to keep their privacy.

Donations like this are so much more special, because you know they're being done for the right reason and not for the publicity.

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