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Stone The Size Of An Ostrich Egg Removed From Man's Bladder

As a man, this is hard for me to think about, let alone write. Doctors in California recently surgically removed a stone the size of an ostrich egg from a man's bladder.

After having a hard time going to the washroom for over three days he finally checked himself into a hospital to see what was going on. When the scans came back, doctors were sure the machine was broken. There were two stones inside the man, one smaller one blocking a tube, and then the monster sitting heavy in the bladder. Once removed, the stone weighed a whopping 1.7 pounds.

Daily Mail

This was a special case, and the average person does not have to worry about getting a bladder stone this big. The man in question had survived cancer by having his bladder removed and a new one created using intestine. This had left him more susceptible to stones in general. Here is a picture of your common bladder stone.

Guinea Lynx

If you want to avoid this situation yourself all you have to do is drink water and stay hydrated, so that the crystals that form these stones don't get a chance to do so.