Student Asks His Professor For Help Asking A Girl Out, Succeeds In Getting A Date

Student Asks His Professor For Help Asking A Girl Out, Succeeds In Getting A Date

Twitter/Jake Moreno

A student learned a lesson in love from his university professor when he needed help asking a girl on a date.

Jake Moreno, 22, asked Shannon Atkinson, a philosophy in religion professor at Salt Lake Community College in Utah, to assist him in drafting a text to his crush, Buzzfeed News reports.

"Jacob approached me after class wondering if the triangle and Aristotelian Rhetoric could be used to ask a woman on a date and I was intrigued, thus my help," Atkinson said. "Honestly, Jacob was the brains behind the whole thing; my part was only in helping him form the 'wording' of the text so he didn't come off too strong."

The rhetorical triangle is a method created by Aristotle to appeal to a person's emotions. It consists of three persuasive strategies one should use when communicating.

The three points are ethos, logos and pathos, which represent speaker credibility and trust (appeal to character), reality, logic and proof (appeal to reason), and listener emotions and values (appeal to emotions) respectively.

"My only real input into this whole thing was having him really appeal to the pathos part of the triangle and be sensitive and cognizant of the "˜details' of her life situation, as often in rhetoric of this type that is what is going to put him over the top, so to speak," Atkinson said.

Describing himself as having "zero skills" when talking to the opposite sex, Moreno readily listened to his professor's input.

The text message worked and Hannah agreed to a date.

"I wasn't lying when I said I don't have many skills when it comes to wooing the ladies," Moreno said. "I did not think Hannah would say yes."

When Moreno tweeted his story, many Twitter users applauded the duo's dating tactic.

Moreno later returned to Twitter to share with his followers the date was a success.

The twosome finger painted a sunset together, went to a burger joint, and hung out with Hannah's dog.  

While the pair mutually agree the date went well, they said only time will tell if they will continue to go out in the future.

Atkinson said since it was a triumphant evening, he might just have to add another credential to his resume.

"I guess it was quite successful because Jacob said she said yes, went on the date, and now perhaps matchmaker will have to go on my resume in the near future," Atkinson said.

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