Stunned Dad Can't Believe What His Teenage Daughter Did To Him While He Was Sleeping

Playing pranks on family members and friends will never get old, especially when they're asleep.

They wake up shocked and confused which provides a good dose of entertainment for those around them.

One Arizona teen, Bree Telon has set the practical joke bar very high after she gave her dad Eddie a makeover while he was in the midst of his slumber.

The beauty-lover filmed the entire process which included shimmery gold eyeshadow, Instagram brows, fake lashes, contouring and more.

Daily Mail

The sneaky teen managed to complete the glam session before her dad woke up and then shared it on Snapchat and Twitter for the world to see.

Watch the video below to see Eddie's finished look and the hilarity that ensued after he caught wind of what had happened while he snoozed.