5 Signs Your Sunburn Is Actually Sun Poisoning

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5 Signs Your Sunburn Is Actually Sun Poisoning

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With the summer we're having, we would have to avoid leaving the house during the day to avoid getting a sunburn.

As much as we try to slather sunscreen on every inch of our body, we still get a burn here or there.

Prolonged UV exposure can not only severely damage your skin, it can also impact your overall health.

While there are many home remedies you can follow to treat your sunscreen, if you're feeling ill, you may be suffering from something else entirely.

So how would you know you're suffering from a more serious condition?

Sun poisoning is usually described as a severe sunburn, but with other more worrisome symptoms.

Here are a few key indicators you are suffering from sun poisoning

Keep in mind, sun poisoning appears a couple days after you get a bad sunburn.

1. Your skin is hot to touch and you're in lots of pain

When you have a regular sunburn, you don't want anyone to touch the affected area. It's red and inflamed and light pressure can be quite painful.

Now when you have sun poisoning, even when someone is not touching the burned area you will feel a lot of pain.

People describe this pain as a "prickling sensation."

2. You have a fever, or close to it

A fever is a sign that your body is kicked into overdrive. It's not uncommon to suffer from flu-like symptoms when you have sun poisoning. In fact, that's the first sign.

Other flu-like symptoms you should be aware of are chills and headaches.

3. You're dehydrated

Dehydration can cause numerous health problems, but before it does, you'll experience symptoms like lightheadedness and nausea.

So that constant sense of fatigue may be because you're spending too much time in the sun and getting exposed to harmful UV rays.

4. You have joint pain or your muscles ache

It's common to be in pain when you have sun poisoning.

Keep in mind, sun poisoning doesn't mean you've been "poisoned" by the sun. You're just suffering from a severe sunburn that's going to cause you a lot more pain.

That being said, if your face starts swelling or the pain is unbearable, you should see a doctor right away.

5. Your skin is blistering or you have a bad rash

If you suffer from all the symptoms above and your skin has erupted into painful, yellow blisters or a large rash, you need to follow a few home remedies (listed at the end of this article) before your health further deteriorates.

How to avoid getting sick

There are lots of things you can do to prevent a sunburn.

It's easier said than done, but following these simple steps will allow you have a more safer and enjoyable summer.

1. Stay hydrated

Make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day, and not just when you're under the sun.

2. Wear protective clothing

I know certain types of clothing or accessories will cramp your style in this hot weather, but it beats getting burned.

If you're going to spend hours under the sun, make sure you're wearing sunglasses or a hat.

Carrying an umbrella around with you doesn't hurt either.

3. Apply sunscreen the right way

Most importantly, wear sunscreen and apply it often. Make sure you don't miss any "danger areas" like your feet and hands.

4. Limit your sun exposure

Try your best to avoid being in direct sunlight between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

This is usually when the sun is at its peak, and so there's more of a chance to get sun poisoning.

Home remedies for sun poisoning

There are a few ways you can treat sun poisoning yourself, but if your symptoms persist, go see a doctor immediately.

1. Cover your sunburned areas when leaving the house

To prevent the affected areas from getting infected or further damaged, cover them before you leave the house.

2. Drink plenty of fluids

When you have flu-like symptoms, your body needs water to flush out toxins.

Drinking more water than you usually do will help you recover faster.

3. Apply aloe vera gel

Popular sunburn remedies like aloe vera, oatmeal, milk, and apple cider vinegar will do wonders for your skin.

4. Take pain medication like ibuprofen

If you're in agonizing pain, take some medication.

Pills like ibuprofen are known to relieve inflammation and speed up the recovery process.

5. Apply cold compresses

You never want to apply ice directly to your skin, but a cold compress with soothe the affected area.

Have you ever had sun poisoning?

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