Surprising Health Benefits of Maple Syrup

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Right up there with Poutine and Ketchup chips is Maple Syrup for things that are truly Canadian. While some of the upper states produce this delicious sweet nectar,  Canadians look forward to the spring thaw for the ability to collect and create this delicious commodity that serves as a significant income source for some areas.

Whether you love to top your breakfast or bake something delicious, it may be time to trade in refined sugar and corn syrup for this natural sugar, because the health benefits are too good to ignore.

1. It contains antioxidants.

Pure maple syrup has 24 known antioxidants.

In a study comparing the antioxidant capacity of natural sweeteners, pure maple syrup is shown to have intermediate antioxidant capacity, where as white refined sugar, corn syrup and agave syrup all show minimal antioxidant activity.

2. It contains manganese.

With soil mineral loss as a result of high tech farming, it has become harder for us to obtain this important mineral. Manganese is vital for our enzymatic systems to carry out energy production, bone formation and protein metabolism.

3. Fights inflammatory diseases.

Maple syrup provides polyphenol antioxidants which helps to reduce inflammation. Regularly consuming maple syrup can be considered part of a healthy diet to help prevent certain diseases like arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease or heart disease.

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