Taco Bell Employee Fired After Refusing To Serve English-Speaking Customer

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Have you ever been denied a service because of a language barrier?

Most English speakers never experience this, now that English has become a universal language.

That being said, try to put yourself in the shoes of someone who can't receive a service because of a language they don't speak. You can imagine that this kind of treatment is quite frustrating and embarrassing.

And what's even more exasperating is when you're denied a service in the country that you live in...

One American women was denied being served at Taco Bell in Hialeah, Florida (north of Miami) because she only spoke English.

Although the city resides in American territory, more than 90% of the city's residents identify as Hispanic and speak Spanish.

The argument began at a drive-thru and was recorded by the customer's phone.

Alexandria Montgomery was placing her order in English when the employee tells her in Spanish to move so she could serve the other customers.

"Can you move, please? I have an order behind you," she says. "There is no one who speaks English. This is Hialeah, I'm sorry."

Montgomery even asks to speak to the manager before the employee closes the window and threatens to call the police.

"I'm trying to order and she's telling me I can't order because she doesn't speak English. Who's wrong?" Montgomery said in the video.

According to reports, no other employees at the time spoke English and Montgomery was forced to leave without making a purchase.

"I contacted the manager and after explaining to her what happened all she did was apologize and say 'thank you,' and the call was disconnected," she told El Nuevo Herald.

In a statement, Taco Bell said, "This individual no longer works for the brand."

Watch the full video below:

Twitter Reactions

Since September 14, the viral video has been viewed more than 400,000 times and garnered thousands of comments.

Many people believe it was right for the worker to get fired.

[H/T: Fox News / WSVN 7 News]

What's your take on this? Is it right that the employee was fired?

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