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Utah School Board Fires Teacher For Showing Art Containing Nudity, And Parents Can't Agree On It

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Teaching is one of our oldest and proudest professions. In theory at least, it takes some of our best and brightest minds, and uses them to educate and instruct our next generation in what they need to know in order to live a successful life.


Unfortunately, in recent times there has been no shortage of scummy individuals who have taken advantage of their position as an authority figure when it comes to the children they teach, often to the point that these children incur some very significant trauma. It's a situation that understandably has both parents and school boards extremely concerned about the safety and well-being of their children.

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However, as a result, we've seen an increased amount of sweeping, generalized rules put into play in schools that seem less dedicated to protecting kids from predators and more about protecting school boards from lawsuits. From "zero tolerance" violence policies that punish children for defending themselves, to subjects being stripped down or outright banned to avoid parents getting angry, a few bad apples have effectively poisoned the batch for everybody.


The most recent example of this comes from Mateo Rueda, a Utah elementary school teacher who is contesting his termination by the school board, all because he showed students examples of art that contained nudity...

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