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Child Victims Of Team USA Doctor Confront Their Abuser In Court

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NBC News / Huffington Post

Dr. Larry Nassar was working with the USA Gymnastics National Team medical staff since 1986, later becoming the National Team Physician. He has won awards throughout his career for his work, however, there was a dark secret looming behind it all.

In 2015, he was fired from the his position with USA Gymnastics "after learning of athlete concerns," starting a series of events that revealed years of abuse and cover-ups.

A year later, current and former gymnasts who had previously worked with Nassar began coming forward to share stories of sexual harassment and assault. Since 2016, over 150 athletes have spoken up and their bravery has led to the justice system charging Nassar for his crimes.

Before he was taken away, some of his victims were able to share their impact statements.

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