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Teen Goes From Flipping Burgers At McDonald's To Millionaire Thanks To His Second Job

Do you remember your first job? A lot of us got our first paychecks from retail positions, waiting tables, or flipping burgers, but it never felt like that much money. Robert Mfune would agree with that. He worked at McDonald's when he was 16 years old. He wasn't satisfied with his salary, but he managed to find a way to supplement it.


The teen started doing extra work at a finance firm, running errands and getting tea for the people in the office, but over time he started to learn a few things. "When I was a tea boy I got to learn a few things as I was always with well informed people, from the things I learnt I went home and did my own research."

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He started to figure out the ins and outs of trading stocks and when he was 17-years-old he set up an account in his mother's name to give it a try. He quickly found his rhythm and earned enough money to buy a Bentley worth £130,000 (over $175,000).

His research paid off, because he kept earning more and more money. What he did with it all is pretty incredible...

When he turned 18, he was able to switch the account into his own name and seek out a mentor to help him grow his fortune. He didn't forget his mother though, as his fortune grew he was able to give her everything she could need. "I've bought my mum a car because I didn't want people seeing my mum getting a bus when I'm earning a good amount. Then the next step was to get her a nice place so I bought her a house."

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He was a millionaire by the time he was 20-years-old, but he still tries to stay grounded. "It's fun, it's nice to have nice cars but I don't value them as much as people who see me driving a gold car, it's just a bonus, I'm more about family, friendship and love."

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He has invested in homes, coffee shops, and a fleet of vehicles, but he still just wants to be a good person. "My goal is to make is to make people happy. I'd like to make sure everyone has got what they need and that's me done."

Even though he is very much interested in helping others, he isn't afraid to splurge on his own items. "When I was 18, I got a Bentley but when I was 19 I decided to get it wrapped in a gold body kit. I was going to get a different car every year but I thought why not just change my Bentley. I sent it to Kream Developments who gave it a custom body kit and wrapped it in gold. No-one has got this, it's the only one in the country."

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His mom appreciates all of his generous gifts to her, but she's not afraid to tell it like it is. "Maybe I'm old fashioned but I just thought why would you paint it gold? The silver was already good. But if it was me, I wouldn't buy it."

Could you imagine going from flipping burgers and fetching coffee to being a millionaire all within five years? If you were going to cover your fancy car with an elaborate paint job what would you pick? Let us know in the comments!