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Teen Mom Star Pregnant With Another Man's Baby After Appearing On Show With her Fiancé


Sound the alarm, because one of the original Teen Mom stars is pregnant.

Amber Portwood is expecting her second child with cinematographer boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, a source told Us Magazine.

"Amber has been feeling sick lately," the source said. "But she's really, really happy!"

Portwood met Glennon earlier this year when she was filming reality show, Marriage Boot Camp with ex-fiancé Matt Baier. He worked on the WE TV show and reached out to Portwood following the demise of her relationship with Baier.

The MTV reality star ended her relationship with Baier in June after discovering the former drug addict offered her co-star Catelynn Lowell Xanax.

Portwood said at the MTV Video Music Awards she wanted to take it slow with her new partner.

"We're going slow and we're just trying to be smart about everything, which is good to find somebody on your level like that," she said.

Glennon on the otherhand, couldn't stop gushing over his newfound relationship.

"It was definitely butterflies there, but then again, as we started talking, strangely I felt so comfortable, which was amazing," Glennon said. "I feel like that's hard to find."

However, Amber previously said the re-diagnosis of her mental illnesses would make for a difficult pregnancy.

"I just got re-diagnosed for Borderline Personality and Bipolar Disorder, and I've been taking three medications now that I need to take for the rest of my life," she said. "I can't, I can't get pregnant on this medication."

Portwood later clarified while she would still be capable of bringing a baby to term, but her medication would harm her unborn child.

"If I do not have medication, I will not be normal," Portwood said. "I would have ... crazy mood swings."

Portwood made her reality TV debut in 2009 on the hit show, 16 and Pregnant, where she gave birth to her now eight-year-old daughter Leah, with ex-fiancé Gary Shirley.

The former couple share joint-custody of Leah. Shirley previously had full-custody of their daughter, following Portwood's five year prison sentence for drug possession in 2012. She was later released. She was released after 17 months for good behaviour.

Recently Portwood addressed her uncharacteristic absence from social media, stating she was talking time to spend with her family.

How do you feel about Amber's second pregnancy?

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