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Teenager With Rare Genetic Disorder Fears For Her Life After Being Threatened By Bullies

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Daily Mail

Parents worry about the psychological and physical abuse school bullies could have on their children. Unfortunately, these children who prey on their disadvantaged peers have little concern for the consequences of their actions - especially if the bullied child has an "invisible" condition.  

Lauren Stribling is not like other bullied kids who can go home with a bruised eye or a knock in the chest. Due to her rare genetic disorder, the teenager from the UK could die from just a single knock in the playground.

Marfan syndrome, a life-threatening condition that makes the body extra stretchy, affects 1 in 3,000 people.

Lauren is already 5 ft 11 inches and wears eight and a half feet shoes. She was diagnosed with the genetic disorder at four months old, but symptoms appeared when she was seven.

Lauren's height is an indicator that she may suffer from this genetic disorder, but bullies at her school are certain she's "faking" her disability.  

Lauren's aunt died at the age of 15 from the disorder, and now her mother is worried that her daughter is next.

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