Teens Banned From Flight For Something They Wear Everyday

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Teens Banned From Flight For Something They Wear Everyday

Between worrying about security checks and flight times, a dress code would be the last thing on your mind when at an airport. But, for two teenage girls this at Denver International Airport, this wasn't the case.

The girls who were travelling with a companion to Minneapolis were barred from boarding their United Airlines flight because they did not meet the dress code. They were both wearing leggings.

Shannon Watts, a mother and founder of Moms Demand Action shared the experience on Twitter and the airline has been facing huge backlash as a result.

United replied to Watts' tweets to inquire about the situation and stated that there is a rule that gives the airline the right to refuse transport based if the passenger's clothes don't meet the dress code standard.

Although Rule 21 does indeed exist, it doesn't provide specifics on what "properly clothed" means.

Twitter users were outraged and confused at the random enforcement of this rule especially when it involves young girls.

Some are even refusing to fly with United again.

A few hours after the incident, a United representative on Twitter followed up with Shannon to let her know that the girls were "pass travellers" and there's a dress code in place for them because "they are representing UA when they fly."

What do you think do you think about this odd rule?

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