Texas Police Turn To Facebook For Help Locating Missing Mom

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Texas Police Turn To Facebook For Help Locating Missing Mom

Emily Wade/Facebook

On January 5, Emily Wade of Ennis, Texas made plans to eat some pizza and catch a movie with a colleague.

Wade, who worked at a local Chili's, headed to her co-worker's house around 5 p.m. and after the two finished the movie about three and a half hours later, she decided it was time to head home.

That would be the last time she was seen by anyone.

Wade, a single mother of a seven-year-old girl, has disappeared without a trace and both her family and police are desperate for any lead that would help them figure out her whereabouts.

"I don't think she ran off, I would bet my life on that," Wade's mother, Shirley Wade, who reported her daughter missing the following morning, told NBC News. "It just rips your heart out and I'm having a hard time. Every day gets harder. I'm scared I'll never see her again alive."

Authorities have questioned those who are closest to Wade, including her mother, staff at Chili's, the co-worker she was last seen with, as well as ex-boyfriend and father of her child, Jared Jones.

"They want to know about where I was Saturday night of course," Jones said. "I expected that, and I have no problem cooperating in any way, polygraph, whatever you need. I just want her home."

As of now, all three of them have been cleared as persons of interest.

The mystery has continued to deepen as not only is Wade missing, her vehicle, a 2012 four-door Nissan Altima with Kentucky license plates 411PAZ and a broken bumper, is also nowhere to be found.

The missing mom's brother, Chad Wade, told Fox affiliate KDFW that he believes her sister was kidnapped and her car was stolen.

Ennis Police Department has now turned to Facebook for help with Wade's case, informing the public that "it is not like Emily to disappear or be apart from her mother and her daughter."

Emily Wade, 38, is described as 5 feet 6 inches tall with blonde hair. She weighs approximately 140 pounds and was last seen wearing a peach colored sweater with matching peach Nike shoes and blue jeans.

Police are urging anyone with information on her whereabouts to call 972-875-4462 and ask for Det. Sgt. Rickman.  

We hope Wade will be reunited with her family soon!

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