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Researchers Think They’ve Finally Cracked The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle

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For decades the Bermuda Triangle, or the Devil's Triangle, has been the site of an unsolved mystery.

There are debates over where the triangle ends exactly.Google Maps

Beginning in the 1950s, reports of unexplained shipwrecks and plane crashes in the area between Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico started rolling in. Many eyewitnesses have described seeing strange things inside the triangle, including ghost ships. But most people assume that the stories are just urban legends.

Kooky explanations, including UFOs and wormholes, have been offered as possible solutions, but most people think there's something more mundane at work. Many stories mention pilots and ship captains losing track of "magnetic north" because of strange interference inside the triangle.

The U.S.S. Cyclops and her crew vanished without a trace.Wikimedia

And there are confirmed cases of people vanishing inside the triangle. The U.S.S. Cyclops, its crew of 309 men, and its shipment of manganese all vanished without a trace after leaving Barbados.

An artist's depiction of the doomed flight group.Wikimedia

In another case known as Flight 19, a five plane team of torpedo bombers flew east of Fort Lauderdale on a training mission. The planes never returned. The disappearance was blamed on a navigational error, but another search and rescue aircraft vanished while looking for Flight 19.

Finally, researchers think they can put these mysteries to rest with a new, scientific explanation.

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