The best celebrity Australian poker players

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The best celebrity Australian poker players

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Thanks to the growing number of legal online gambling sites in Australia there are more and more players turning their hand to poker. This has long been an extremely popular game but, historically, some players had concerns about playing online. Thanks to strict regulations around online casinos, players now have the confidence to place their wagers and sit back to enjoy the experience.

Perhaps one reason that poker has become quite so popular is the fact that it’s a casino game that celebrities have turned to. As soon as a celeb seems to endorse a game it becomes one that we all want to try. When it comes to Australian celebs who enjoy the game, there are plenty to choose from but we’re going to focus our attention on just one: Shane Warne.

The late great Warne

It doesn’t matter if you’re a cricket enthusiast or not, you’re bound to recognise the name Shane Warne and you’re bound to know what he was famous for. Having passed away prematurely in March 2022, you can be sure that Warne’s name is one that will be forever remembered in history.

For many, Warne was the greatest bowler of all time. His retirement was a real blow for the game but for Warne himself, it gave him the opportunity to focus on his second love: poker.

How 2008 was the beginning of Warne’s poker career

Back in 2008, Warne signed his very first contract that led to him representing a poker brand. For many observers, Warne’s journey into poker came as no surprise. Having been held in such high esteem on the cricket pitch, he needed to find something else that he could be recognised for.

Later in the year, Warne made his formal entry into the World of Poker. Whereas some players are drawn by the money side of things, Warne was already rich enough and didn’t need this. Instead, for Warne, it was all about the excitement of the game.

Not all about winning

It’s not Warne’s winning record that makes him one of the best Australian celeb poker players. In fact, his winning record may even be classed as being on the poor side. There was more to it with Warne.

What makes him the best is the attention that he brought to the game. By associating himself with poker, he opened the game up to a whole new audience who perhaps would’ve otherwise never enjoyed all that the game has to offer.

Do you want to get in on the action?

If you’re looking to enjoy poker online, you need to ensure that you find a professional site to play at. Choosing the right site to play at can have a huge impact on how you get to enjoy the game. If you fancy trying the live online poker experience, the best sites will also attract the best competition so you can be sure that you’re playing against others who love the game as much as you do.

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