The Best Hacks to Keep Your Yard Lush and Vibrant During Storms

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The Best Hacks to Keep Your Yard Lush and Vibrant During Storms

Many of us work extremely hard to keep our outdoor spaces looking lush and vibrant. No matter how much effort we put in, though, a storm can severely damage landscaping. Learn how to keep your landscaping safe from storms by following these five simple hacks.

Learn More About Storms

Summer storms with high winds are seriously damaging. Knott's Laboratory found that a 35 MPH crosswind could create 3,440 pounds of pressure on a trailer. Imagine what it can do to your sensitive landscaping. Windbreaks like fences and trees are a great way to prevent damage to sensitive landscaping plants and vegetation.

A tall privacy fence can keep wind damage to a minimum and protect your plants. You can DIY a fence on a weekend by using easy how-to videos online. Of course, you can always connect with a fence company in your area to handle the installation. According to IBIS World, there are about 56,795 fence construction companies in the U.S. You will have plenty of providers to choose from.

Planting mature trees is another way to help keep high winds from damaging your beautiful lush landscaping, but this option can be a bit more expensive. Mature trees can be hard to find, and when you do, the cost can be prohibitive. You could plant smaller trees which will provide some protection.

Learn About Lawn Alternatives

Installing artificial turf is a simple hack that can really change the landscape of your property for the better. Turf does not require any special attention to stay vibrant looking and lush year-round. It does not require harsh fertilizers that can affect groundwater, streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers either. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, runoff from lawn fertilizers can cause an overgrowth of algae that can be disastrous for bodies of waterdoes not require any special attention.

Turf can stand up to the toughest weather elements. As a bonus, you never have to pull the lawn mower out again if you install turf.

Learn How to Hardscape

A mix of landscaping with plants and hardscaping with natural materials can help to protect your yard from storm damage. Learning how to construct retaining walls to manage water and wind can be just the solution you need to keep your landscaping looking lush during and after a storm. Learning how to control the amount of water that comes into your yard after a heavy storm can help to prevent damage.

Hardscaping can be a great solution for managing your outdoor areas. It can add a great aesthetic while providing protection. Learn how to balance your landscaping with hardscaping and you will reduce the amount of maintenance your landscape requires and provide storm damage protection.

Learn How to Properly Maintain Your Landscaping

Storm damage can be avoided by learning how to plant landscaping properly. A recent study by Better Homes and Gardens found that landscaping failures are largely due to user errors. The study found that about 65% of DIY landscaping is damaged during storms because it was not well maintained.

Another error that homeowners make is that they try to grow things that are not meant to grow in their area. Stick with native plants and you will have a much better chance of those plants standing up to storms.

Learn how to maintain your lawn, trees, and landscaping plants. Properly pruned trees, bushes, and other plants will have a strong root system that can stand up to storms. The same is true of your lawn. A healthy lawn will stay vibrant and lush because it will have a healthy root system. Learn how to amend your soil to give your landscape the best environment to grow in.

Learn How to Always Be Prepared

It is always best to be prepared for any storms that are headed your way. Covering sensitive vegetation and taking other steps before the storm hits will ensure that damage is minimized and your landscaping will stay lush and vibrant.

If you are like most homeowners, you put a lot of time and effort into your outdoor spaces. Learning how to protect your investment is one of the easiest steps you can take to keep everything healthy, looking lush, and vibrant. Take advantage of these hacks when you can!

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