The Best non GamStop Casino Choice for British Players

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The Best non GamStop Casino Choice for British Players

If you are here then you are probably curious about what has changed recently regarding online gambling in the UK. For example, what happens if you play in a casino without a license and what exactly do you have to pay attention to? That is why we have listed everything for you here so that it is as easy as possible. We will explain to you exactly how about playing without a license and playing in a casino. Justuk reviews the best non Gamstop casinos.

What Are Casinos Without British License?

When we talk about a casino without a British license, we are in fact talking about a casino without a UK license. In other words, we are talking about a casino that has not been licensed by the Official Gaming Authority. But what does that mean? This means, for example, that a casino without a license may not advertise in British media, British stadiums, or make sponsorship contracts with British athletes.

What we mentioned earlier is that these casinos do not necessarily take no responsibility for their players. Because a casino without a license in the UK, for example, often has a license from Curaçao, Gibraltar, or Malta. In those countries they also place particularly high demands on the casinos of the various game providers. But for every good provider that we find, there are of course also negative exceptions. That is why it is always wise to pay attention and not to deposit your money in one go at casinos without a license. That is asking for problems.

Can I Play at non GamStop Casinos?

It may sound a bit contradictory – playing at a non GamStop casino. But it is indeed possible. If you choose to play at casinos without a license but with a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, Malta, or Curaçao, you are dealing with casinos that have a nice license. It is safe to bet a little more often at these casinos.

Is It Safe to Play at a non Gamstop Casino?

Of course, that's the same question that many players have been asking themselves for years. But in fact there is of course nothing 'different' now that there is going to be a UK license. The same casinos you've enjoyed playing at before are still as safe as they were before. You may not have the security you would get with such a UK license, but a  non GamStop casino without a UK license is not inherently a problem. But there are a few points you should pay attention to.

First, look at the licenses the casino does have. It may be listed as an unlicensed casino, but that is of course only related to the UKGC license of the Gaming Authority. Even if the casino has a license, there are still different gradations. For example, licenses from Curaçao have slightly less value than permits from Curacao and Malta. Of course, that does not mean that a casino with a license from Curaçao is a scam– but it does mean that you have to pay a little extra attention.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options to find the most reliable casinos from other countries. These are often extensively researched, both with regard to licenses and permits and all other important facts. Often these casinos are thoroughly tested and fairly reviewed.

Risks of Playing at unlicenced Casinos

If you choose to play at an offshore casino, what are the risks involved? One of the risks is the fact that you then play at a casino. This register is used precisely to combat problems with gambling addiction in fervent players. It was then introduced to create a more responsible form of gambling. For example, if you know that you no longer want to play and that you are not in control of your gambling, you can register with the GamStop. It is then no longer possible to play at casinos that do have a UK license.

But if you then play at an unlicensed casino in the UK, The ban will definitely not be in effect. Of course, that does not mean that offshore casinos do not take gambling problems seriously, but it does mean that this does not happen via the GamStop. Responsible gambling is certainly important to most gambling providers. But without the GamStop you will not benefit from the various ways to combat gambling addiction.

But what's a real problem if you don't have problems with gambling addiction? Well if you are really dealing with a shady casino, it may be the case that you do not get a bonus paid out, or that they suddenly close your account for no reason. In addition, certain casinos can make it quite difficult to cash out your winnings. Depending on how secure you were with registering your data, there are quite a few problems that can arise.

We are of course talking all the time about casinos without a Dutch license. But if we are talking about a casino without a Dutch license, which does not have any license, those kinds of casinos do not have to be accountable to authorities or to an authority. That is of course not a big deal, until you have problems with the casino. Because at that moment you as a player have nowhere to go with your complaint. So if you play at a casino without any form of permit or license, you are often on your own when you get a problem. So if you ever have the idea of playing at an unlicensed casino, be very careful who you do business with.

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