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The Crabbiest Dog Around Has Taken Over The Internet In The Most Amazing Way

When Banana first came to Lollipop Kennels, he was sick and underweight. He was seized during a police raid due to neglect and was suffering with an upper respiratory infection when he arrived with his two siblings.

Banana persevered through the challenges and got back to a healthy weight. The 5-month-old Chihuahua started to show his personality a lot more, and it turns our he is one "crabby" little guy!

Lollipop Kennels posted a photo of Banana showing off his special crab dance to try and help him find a home and it is the very best thing a dog could do.

They say "He is a chihuahua mix, with what nobody knows. Part crab, part fruit loop, it's anyone's guess."

Banana's goofy little dance got him adopted by a man named Kaden, but not before his picture became a Photoshop battle. He's now been everything from an Avenger to an octopus and each one is perfect.

Check out some of his best looks below!

Which one was your favorite? So glad this goofy little weirdo found a home!

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