This 300-Square-Foot RV Is A Gorgeous Home On Wheels


This 300-Square-Foot RV Is A Gorgeous Home On Wheels You Need To See

Land Ark

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If you've always dreamed about living in a luxury apartment on wheels, that's weird and very specific.

You should probably choose a different dream, because that one seems odd.

Although, you're actually in luck, because a pair of RV designers have built a tiny home with all the comforts and style of a swanky New York apartment.

Brian and Jodi Buzarde are the creative duo behind Land Ark, a new company that offers specially-built RVs with the amenities of a tiny home.

While they have just two models on the market, they're both designed with care, and their latest creation is a 300-square-foot slice of heaven that I'm dying to move into right now.

Draper Trailer
Note the two separate entrances and fold-out deck.Land Ark

It's called "the Draper," after Don Draper, the main character of the hit TV series Mad Men.

Like Don, the Draper evokes the feel of the swinging "˜60s, and the ad man would definitely feel at home in this chic little trailer.

Draper trailer
The Draper's kitchen includes a gas stove, fridge, and freezer.Land Ark

For $144,900, the Draper includes a kitchen, dining area, mudroom, bedroom, and sleeping space for guests, plus a fold-out deck for relaxing outside.

Draper Trailer
The dining area folds out into an extra bed for guests.Land Ark

The Draper's interior features plenty of white-washed pine, giving the space a cozy feeling. But the kitchen also features a stainless steel refrigerator, freezer, and gas oven.

While the RV is suited for bachelors or couples, the dining area couch folds out to make an extra bed, so guests can join you on the road.

Draper trailer
The mudroom features its own door, and includes a washer and dryer.Land Ark

The main bedroom is actually tucked away in a nook above the rest of the space, and surrounded by windows for great views of wherever you park your home.

Draper trailer
A ladder leads to the trailer's sleeping nook.Land Ark

And while some tiny homes sacrifice the comforts of a larger house for their minimalist style, the Draper actually has a separate mudroom with its own washer and dryer. There's even a full-sized walk-in shower in the bathroom.

Basically, no matter where you go, you'll always feel at home in this impressive trailer.

The Drake
Land Ark's Drake model is just as cozy as the Draper.Land Ark

If you have something more modern in mind for your tiny home, Land Ark's other model, the Drake, features a cozy loft, hidden storage space, and room for entertaining at the window-side counter.

You can learn more about Land Ark and their products at their website.

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Would you be willing to pack up and hit the road in the Draper?

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