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The Eagles Replaced The Late Glenn Frey With His Son - And He Sounds Just Like His Dad

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In 2016, music fans around the world mourned the loss of Eagles singer and frontman Glenn Frey.

Not only did Frey's vocals make hits out of the band's most famous songs, including "Hotel California," but he also wrote most of their songbook, plus played guitar and keyboards.

After losing Frey, the band's drummer, Don Henley, was convinced the band would never tour again - Frey was just irreplaceable.

Glenn Frey the Eagles
Henley thought Frey's death in 2016 would be the end of the Eagles.Steve Alexander - Wikimedia

But last year, they hit the road with two new members: country singer Vince Gill and Deacon Frey, Glenn's son.

"He's put his own twist and interpretation on the songs. It makes it more authentic to him."

Deacon performed one of his father's songs, "Peaceful Easy Feeling," at Frey's memorial service.

Henley told Rolling Stone he was impressed by how "brave and composed" Deacon was despite the pressure.

Months later, when the band was searching for Frey's replacement, the performance was still fresh in his mind.

Henley now says that the Eagles would have broken up for good without the "family blood" Deacon brought to the band.

And anyone who listens to them perform today understands why.

Deacon's voice is almost identical to his late father's at the height of his career. But Henley says Deacon offers more than just a pitch-perfect take on his dad's lyrics.

"In the beginning he was trying to sing the songs exactly as Glenn sang them, in phrasing and emphasis," he revealed.

"But over the past few shows, he's put his own twist and interpretation on the songs. It makes it more authentic to him."

"Frey's spirit lives on."

For a year now, Deacon has been touring the world with his father's band, sharing the microphone with Gill.

Reactions from fans have been incredible, because almost everyone agrees Deacon has filled his dad's shoes perfectly.

"The show proved, unequivocally, that this incarnation of the Eagles can conjure up plenty of magic, even in the absence of Frey," wrote a reviewer from the Charlotte Observer.

"Seems much more wholesome to bring in his son than replace him with some random musician," wrote a fan on Reddit, "Frey's spirit lives on."

Or as Henley himself said on stage, "Glenn is not here with us in the flesh, but he is here in this fine young man over here."

And the drummer gives Deacon credit for adjusting to life in the band so quickly.

"He had done some gigs with his father "“ private parties, in front of maybe 200 people. To go from that to 50,000 people is extraordinary. I don't know many people who could have done that without freaking out."

While Deacon's bandmates have told him he's under no obligation to stay an Eagle forever, there's no doubt he has a bright career in the music business ahead of him.

Eagles fans: how does Deacon's voice measure up to his dad's?

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