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The "Fish Boy" Was Abandoned By His Family, Then An Angel Changed His Life Forever

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Being different from other children can make your life rough, but usually you can count on your parents for love and support. Min Anh never had that luxury.

He grew up in an orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Even among the many orphans with conditions like spina bifida and developmental disorders, Min always stood out from the group. He suffers from a genetic skin disease called Ichthyosis.

The disease leaves masses of dry, scaly, dead skin all over Min's body, which earned him the nickname Ka ("fish" in Vietnamese). The condition is painfully itchy, and orphanage workers were actually forced to tie down Min's hands to keep him from scratching.

This is the sad state that Min was living in when he happened to meet Brenda Smith, a British woman who was visiting the country as part of a charity bike trip. Brenda and her husband Baz spent time meeting orphans, including Min, and they were touched by their stories.

And soon, fate would bring Brenda back into Min's life in an incredible way...

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