The Five Finger Prayer Is A Perfect Teaching Tool

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The Five Finger Prayer Is A Perfect Teaching Tool

When kids are young, it's always important to instill faith and a sense of compassion in them.

Taking them to church is important, as is teaching them the Word of God in the home, but sometimes it can be overwhelming for a younger child to keep up.

That's why this Five Finger Prayer is the best way to teach younger kids about prayer. It's an easy, inclusive way to remind kids about who we pray for as Catholics and Christians.

Take a read through the Five Finger Prayer and see if you can use it in your everyday life, as well!

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Your thumb is closest to you, therefore you pray for the people closest to you. Family and friends are the easiest people to remember in prayers.


Your index finger, or pointer finger, reminds you to pray for those who point the way. Teachers, doctors, and members of the clergy. They need our prayers so they can help guide us to wisdom and healing.


Your tallest finger reminds you to pray for people in authority. The president, business leaders, and other politicians. They shape our nation and need God's guidance.


Your ring finger is your weakest finger. Use it to remind yourself to pray for those who are in need. People who are weak, in trouble, or in pain. They need your prays around the clock and you can never pray too much for them.


Your little finger represents yourself. It is the furthest from your body, which is where you should position yourself in relation to God and others. The needs of others should take precedent over your own. After you have prayed for everyone else, your own needs will be put into perspective and you will be able to pray for yourself on a more proportionate level.

Have you used the Five Finger Prayer before? Let us know.

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