The Growth of Luxury Casino-Related Travel

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The Growth of Luxury Casino-Related Travel

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Gambling has been around in many forms throughout history, but it’s only within the past 160 years or so that people have been travelling across country lines to luxury casinos. In Monaco, the Monte Carlo Casino set off a worldwide craze within the industry, showing no signs of stopping.

Las Vegas, Macau, Australia, and even Hungary have all taken command in the modern era of casino-related luxury travel. Each of these markets offers a unique experience to both casual casino-goers and high rollers.  Read through this luxury travel guide to learn about the top spots to win big at.

Digital Integration at Casinos

As the pandemic is lifting, more and more people can travel to go to luxury casinos. However, this potential experience is going to be different from the past.

Many digital slots games, found online, are now playable with the same rules in person using real money. Casinos are also looking into machine learning and virtual reality to optimise user experience and enjoyment.

In-person casinos are well aware of the foothold digital casino games have in Europe, especially within the Hungarian market. Sultés Szilvia, an Hungarian gambling and public relations specialist, notes that the accessibility of digital casino games has led to their rise across recent years. She also sees opportunities for a live virtual reality poker experience soon.

Luxury Casinos in Hungary

Hungary has many iconic casinos, like the Grand Casino in Debrecen and the Las Vegas Casino Corvin in Bucharest.

However, a favourite for many Hungarians is the Casino Sopron in Sopron. Sopron, located near the Austria-Hungary border by Lake Neusiedl, has excellent nightlife and beautiful scenery to accompany your travel experience. Casino Sopron hosts several popular casino games such as slots, roulette, blackjack, and Texas Hold’Em.

As mentioned earlier, Hungarians love online casinos. The best digital casino resource for Hungarians is the Magyar online casino website. Here gamblers can read digital casino game reviews, learn about digital casino payouts, rank, and user experience.

Casinos Across Europe

It’s commonly known that travel is border-free across Europe within the Schengen area, as long as you are a part of those 26 counties. Popular travel destinations such as Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, and Switzerland, are all part of the Schengen area and have top-rated casinos.

Lyon Vert Casino in France has been around since 1882 and offers video poker, video slots, roulette, and blackjack. This historic casino, located in Lyon, draws many tourists due to its numerous spas, dining options and banquet rooms.

Casino Barcelona is another growing casino destination. Casino Barcelona caters to the ever-increasing market of sports betting and hosts a traditional casino experience with a beachfront view.

The Baden-Baden Casino is the longest operating casino in Germany. While certain aspects of the casino have been modernised, this casino still has similar aesthetics to when it first opened over 200 years ago. Baden-Baden casino offers tours, hosts events and, of course, has gambling.

Las Vegas

No list talking about casino-related travel would be complete without mentioning Las Vegas. The locale of many pop-culture references and films, Vegas offers everything a traveller would need. Casinos are accessible to all sorts of experiences, even for those not looking for a five-star casino.

People are drawn here to experience all sorts of nightlife, including live music, bars, and extravagant buffets. Luxury travel shows in Las Vegas, such as Broadway, are also popular.

Las Vegas has many luxury hotels and resorts to stay at, each catering to different customers. Vegas is also a premier shopping destination in the United States. It’s common to travel to Las Vegas for a few days to gamble, then travel to rest on a California beach.

It should be noted that the gambling age is 21 in the United States.


The Macau autonomous region in China is a top location for luxury travel and tours. Known as the “Las Vegas of Asia,” Macau offers a similar high-end experience to tourists on an even grander scale. Popular casino chains such as Venetian, Sands, Wynn, and MGM have casinos in Macau.

Macau is the largest casino area based on size, but don’t think for a moment that’s all it offers.. Its location on the Southern coast of China provides excellent waterfront views across from its casinos. It’s also a bridge away from Hong Kong, one of the largest economic markets and great epicentres for shopping.

Many tourists are flooding Macau now that COVID-19 vaccines have started to be distributed. Since the previous April, Macau’s casino industry has seen over 1000% growth.

How to get into luxury travel

Luxury travel is accessible to many people at more affordable rates than generally imagined. Resorts, which have casinos, often bundle services over many days to maximise profit. In other words, it’s a win-win for visitors and resort companies.

More than ever, the tourism industry across countries is starving for guests and will do anything to cater to their guests. The best luxury travel locations should have the most outstanding customer service and transparency.

You should choose a luxury travel location based on accessibility, price, and sources offered. All of the sites listed above are top travel spots, which each cater to all sorts of tourists.

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