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The Mississippi Mud Pie McFlurry Exists and Has All The Flavors We Have Been Craving

Where else can you find cookie crumble, chocolate-coated cookie pieces and a fudgy chocolate sauce mixed in with delicious soft served ice cream?

No you aren't dreaming it, McDonald's is at it again with their new McFlurry.

This summer you will be adding the Mississippi Mud Pie McFlurry as your new favorite treat.

Pre work treat #mcflurry #mcdonalds #icecream #work #nightshift #feedthatass

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The only problem?

It's only available in the U.K. for now. Only available for a limited time this explosion of all things delicious stands next to the Cadbury Dairy Milk McFlurry, Cadbury Crunchie McFlurry as well as toffee sundaies and banana milkshakes. Why does it seem that the U.K. gets all our favorite treats?

Well the Mississippi Mud Pie McFlurry hasn't only been spotted in the U.K. A blogger was able to snag one of these tasty treats in Singapore back in 2012, and in Ireland you can get a Mississippi Caramel Pie version.


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So who knows, maybe the next stop for this delicious combination of cookies and ice cream will be in America.

Need your fix sooner than you can book a plane ticket? Oreo is coming out with a Mississippi Mud Pie cookie this summer.

Source: Refinery29 / Delish

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