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Sand On Your Butt Is No Longer A Problem With This New Fad

The newest beauty trend is maybe one of the strangest I have ever seen, but it's definitely going to turn a few heads!

The latest fashion idea is a simple one but not something you have probably ever thought of doing: Adding glitter to your butt. That's right, people are adding a bunch of body glitter to their bottoms!

A UK-based 'glitter squad' called "The Gypsy Shrine" has started trying to make "glitter-butts" the next big thing. They said it is play on the sand that normally sticks to you when you go to the beach, except a lot more colorful.

Mia Kennington, the originator says that they thought of this on a hectic day when everyone had sand on their butts so "we were like, 'Well, what if we enhance this?"

They even started to make some tutorials for how to do this look at home if you wanted to have your own "rainbow booty" or "mermaid tails".

Is it a look you think you would want to sport?

Makes a statement, that's for sure!

You can follow them on their Instagram to learn more about Glitter Butts and learn how to get the look yourself.