The Reason People Clip Clothespins To Their Ears Will Have You Doing The Same

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The Reason People Clip Clothespins To Their Ears Will Have You Doing The Same

You might think it's a little bit strange to learn that people clip clothespins to their ears on purpose, but they actually have a very good reason as to why they are doing it!

It is a simple way to give your body a little bit of a tune up without having to go see a massage therapist. It is a technique known as reflexology and it apparently helps your organs stay healthy.

Reflexologist Helen Chin Lui says that "each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body, rich with nerve endings and multiple connectors to the central nervous system." This makes your ears the easiest place to unlock the health benefits all on your own!

There are 6 main areas that you can pin to that will help specific areas of your body.

1. The Upper Part Of The Ear - By applying pressure to the upper part of the ear for about a minute each day, you can actually reduce tension that is built up in the back and shoulders.

2. The Top Of Your Ear's Curve - If you are having internal tenderness, this spot is connected to your organs and can help relieve discomfort.

3. The Upper-Middle Part Of The Ear - This part is related to all your joints. Apply pressure to ease stiffness or pain in the achy joints.

4. The Lower-Middle Part Of The Ear - This is an easy way to help relieve sinus and throat issues. You can do this when congested and it will help you breathe easier.

5. Just Above The Earlobe - This is related to the digestive system. If you have stomach pain or digestive issues this can help bring you some relief.

6. Earlobe - Placing pressure here is connected to the head and the heart. It can promote heart health and also relieve migraines and pressure headaches.

Have you ever tried this before? Did it work for you?