The "Right Way" to Eat Pringles Has Been Revealed and You've Been Doing It Wrong All Along


The "Right Way" to Eat Pringles Has Been Revealed and You've Been Doing It Wrong All Along

Pop open a can of chips and eat them, seems simple enough, right?

Maybe not.

To get the most out of your favorite Pringles flavors there is a certain way you should be eating them.

Whether you enjoy a stack of Cheddar Cheese, Salt & Vinegar or BBQ, getting the most flavor out of these salty snacks will up the enjoyment of your afternoon treat.


"Many people think that Pringles are seasoned on both sides," a spokesperson told The Sun Online. "In fact, only the top side gets a sprinkling of seasoning in the factory. When Pringles are stacked in their can, some of the seasoning rubs off onto the next chip "“ which is why they've always been a little uneven."

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This means to get the maximum flavor you should turn the Pringle chip upside down when eating it so the seasoned side comes into contact with your tongue.

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So as tempting as it may be to make a duck bill out of your Pringles chips, you may not get all the delicious flavor you have been looking forward to.

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This Pringles hack is not the first time these chips have won over the hearts of their fans. How to eat these tubed chips has been the source of many YouTube videos. From Pringles challenges, to hacks, these chips always get the creative juices flowing.

Tired of getting your hand stuck in the can? Try this hack and eat your Pringles with ease.

Will this change the way you eat Pringles?