Their Father Has Alzheimers, So These Daughters Didn't Wait To Take These Beautiful Wedding Photos

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Their Father Has Alzheimers, So These Daughters Didn't Wait To Take These Beautiful Wedding Photos

For two years Becca and Sarah Duncan - identical twins from Grapevine, Texas - put their college educations on hold to look after their dad, Scott. Five years ago he was diagnosed with alzheimers, and he's needed round the clock attention since then.

Before the twins moved their dad into a care home, they decided to do a special project with him. Since they knew he wouldn't be able to dance at their weddings, they planned to film a dance with their dad to play at the ceremony.

It turned out Scott wasn't in shape for dancing, so they settled on a touching "wedding day" photo shoot instead.

The twins reached out to their friends on Facebook and found around 10 people willing to donate their used wedding dresses for the shoot. Someone else donated the bouquets and even the photographer donated her time.

"I'm very blessed we got to do this with our dad," Becca Duncan told Today. "Looking at the pictures brings back the memories and good feelings. They're hanging in his room and it's nice going in there and seeing it. It means a lot."

The twins say their father is a good man, who they remember coaching their sports teams and attending their PTA meetings when they were kids.

They say he wasn't totally aware of what was happening during the photo shoot, but seeing his daughters dressed up in wedding gowns made him happy.

"He loved seeing us get dressed up like that," Becca said. "He got the biggest smile and his eyes watered up. You could tell he was proud that we were his daughters."

When the sisters took these photos they were both single, but they've since found boyfriends. Even if their dad doesn't live to see them walk down the aisle, these two managed to let him share the joy of their big day before it was too late.

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