The Sneaky Tricks Advertisers Use To Make Your Food Look Delicious (Photos)

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When you watch a TV commercial for your favorite restaurant the food looks so tempting.

The meat is always juicy and grilled to perfection, the desserts always have the perfect shape and color, and it seems like every detail has been arranged perfectly.

In fact, they have been. Food commercials are a huge part of the restaurant business, and the biggest chains pay giant sums of money to make sure their food looks absolutely perfect. That means spending hours making every meal look just right in the studio, and it can involve some really shocking tricks!

It's no surprise that the hamburgers you see in ads have been painstakingly crafted. We've all seen ads with delicious burgers and then been disappointed when the real thing looked like a deflated mess.

That's because the burgers we see on TV aren't really burgers at all. They have all the same parts - a patty, veggies, a bun - but they're each made individually, then held together with toothpicks and cardboard to give the burger that gravity-defying lift.

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The actual burger is usually grilled on one side for some color, or served raw and painted with shoe polish. Then, everything is perfectly arranged to look tasty from the right angle. Sometimes the sesame seeds on the bun will even be individually placed with tweezers!

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