21-Year-Old's Controversial Job As A "Sugar Baby" Makes Her $1000 A Week


21-Year-Old's Controversial Job As A "Sugar Baby" Makes Her $1000 A Week

Trying to find a way to make a living is not always easy. It seems like nothing pays as well as should, and no matter how hard you try, you never make enough. Well, some people have found a way to make a living, but not everyone thinks it's okay.

They call themselves "Sugar Babies". They are young women who date much older, wealthy men who pay them a weekly allowance and often buy them expensive gifts.

Olivia is one of these Sugar Babies. She is a 21-year-old student at the University of Queensland and hopes to eventually save enough money to buy a house. She is able to use the money she earns to pay for her living expenses and all of her tuition.

She says the main reason she started doing this was curiosity. "At first, I was kind of like 'why not?' If I've tried other dating sites, why not try this one? I'm a 'try everything once'  kind of person," she explained

"'I was more curious to sign up than anything. I've done a bunch of those popular dating apps and it didn't work out for me, so I gave this a try. I guess when you're used to using online dating websites and apps, why not try another?"

She used a website called "Seeking Arrangement" and noticed a difference right away. "It's not like 'oh, let's grab coffee' - but they would take you out to nice dinners instead of just meeting up."

From there the date becomes almost like a business meeting. She explains that it isn't as though he comes in and hands her an envelope of money, but that they discuss what he is looking for. They figure out how many times a week they would meet and what they are expecting out of it. Then they decide on a weekly "allowance".

Olivia has been in three long-term relationships with "Sugar Daddies" and her allowance has ranged between $250-$1000 per week.

She uses this to alleviate the financial stress on herself. She is able to take time to do her school work and take part in all the unpaid internships required in her program. She doesn't expect gifts but says that "It's different for everybody."

"When I'm with someone, they're making sure I've got everything I need financially for the week, like my grocery, rent or text books," she said, "We would go somewhere nice to take the stress away from studying. Like go out to a lovely dinner, walk along the river - it's just all really refreshing."

She explains that she is not obligated to have sex, and will tell the man right off the bat that she is not willing to do that. Other than that, she says it's a lot like a normal relationship. "A lot of people would assume how its portrayed in the media - but it's surprisingly normal."

She doesn't tell all of her friends that she does this, but she says that those who do know are supportive of her choice. She says that "It's been so sensationalized, but it's just like any other relationship you're in from dating sites."

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