The Ultimate Cat Lady Gets Surprised With A Box Of Kittens

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The Ultimate Cat Lady Gets Surprised With A Box Of Kittens

There are definitely some cat lovers out there, but none quite like Koko. Koko is a western lowland gorilla who is world famous for her amazing intelligence. Not only is she super smart, but she is a huge fan of cats.

Koko understands sign language. She knows over 1,000 different signs that her caregiver Francine Patterson has taught her. Koko understands about 2,000 English words and is great at communicating.

She is a truly beautiful animal and also a big sweetheart. Back in 1983, Koko asked her caregiver for a very special Christmas gift. She wanted a cat. When she received a stuffed animal version she was unsatisfied and continued to sign "sad" over and over. For her birthday in July, they brought her a litter of kittens to choose from. She picked a gray mal and named him "All Ball".

She loved him very much but he escaped her enclosure and ran into the street and got hit by a car. Later she adopted two more cats in 1985, and again in 2015.

In 2015 they filmed her picking out her new buddies Miss Black and Miss Grey, and you have got to see it. It's the cutest thing ever!

Have you ever seen something so sweet?