Are You Doing This Common Diet Habit? You're Sabotaging Yourself

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Are You Doing This Common Diet Habit? You're Sabotaging Yourself

It's the age old struggle: I want to lose weight but I also want to eat yummy food. Cheat days don't cut it, and sometimes your "daily small treats" turn into your "daily entire box of cookies."

Luckily, there's always been a nice way to get some nutrients: smoothies. Yum! A nice berry smoothie, or maybe you like to make your own coffee smoothies with some protein powder and almond milk. Either way, you can ask almost anyone on a diet and they'll tell you a smoothie is somehow incorporated into their daily routine. They'll even know how many is too many scoops of protein powder.

But listen up, ladies! Those smoothies might causing you more harm than good!


One of the oldest forms of medicine, Auyervedic medicine, says women should be staying away from ice-cold drinks and food. Chinese medicine also agrees with the theory, saying anything cold that you consume can cause bloating, mood disorders, skin irritation, and digestive problems. Both recommend consuming warm or room-temperature foods when you can.

The 'warm' foods could be: soups, almonds, fresh ginger, vegetables boiled or roasted, bone broth, fruits like dates and figs, warm nut milk or goats milk, turmeric, ghee, pumpkin seeds, whole grains, avocado, sweet potato, room-temperature salads and matcha green tea.

Cold foods affect your body in three major components:

1. Gut Health

Cold beverages or food sends a shock through the body. Women who drink cold beverages first thing in the morning tend to experiences more bloating in the face and neck, mild acne, and digestive sensitivity all day.

2. Hormones

A hormone imbalance can cause thinning hair, loose stool, rashes, and puffiness. Most women suffer a hormone imbalance in the fall or winter because of colder temperatures. The same theory applies to eating cold foods. Warmer foods will help keep your hormones in balance.

3. Fertility

Warm foods are suggested to have a better impact on your chances of conceiving. They promote a healthy menstrual cycle and lower PMS symptoms (and who doesn't want that?)


In the end, of course everything is good in moderation. But if you're finding that your weight loss has halted for an unknown reason, try swapping that morning iced coffee for a hot one! You never know what will kick start your body into losing again!

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