The Writer's Digest

The Writer's Digest

Our writing team is one of the largest group of employees in the office. They generate over 150 articles a week that are read by more than 2 Million daily visitors to

Writing about everything from current events to cats, to the Kardashians, each member of the writing team brings a different experience and flair to their job.

We asked four of them about their experiences on the writing team and working at Shared.

Tristan and Meg in Shared Food: Millennials Try Vintage Recipes

What is your background?

Tanya:  I have worked in quite a few retail positions, and then moved into government positions but I never liked it. I was working as the manager of a small company and doing freelance writing work on the side before I started here.

Awa: I went to school for communications and focused on writing and public relations. After graduating, I worked part-time at a retirement residence, while simultaneously doing some freelance work. I also volunteered with OCISO, then did an internship with the Bytown Museum before working at Shared.

Tristan: I worked for 8 years in the restaurant industry and then went to college to study Journalism. I was the editor of the school paper and interned at the city paper.

Meg: I studied Radio and Television Arts in school and focused on writing and video editing. I interned at the Hockey Hall of Fame and did some freelance editing stuff, too. I worked a lot of retail before finding a job in my field, which honestly is what probably pushed me to find something in my field.

How long have you been at Shared and how did you hear about the company?

Tanya: I have been at Shared for a little over a year. I was desperately searching for something better than my old job and when I saw a listing for content writers who spent their time on the internet I was beyond intrigued.

Awa: I've been working here for 2 years. I came across the job posting on Indeed while browsing for communication/writing jobs.

Tristan: 5 years. I saw a position open online and I applied.

Meg: I've been with Shared for just over a year. I saw the position during one of my big job searches online and when I saw one of the qualifications was "knowledge of dank memes" I knew I had found my calling.

The landscape of journalism has drastically changed in the last few years, looking back did you ever think you would be working at a social media company like Shared?

Tanya:  I honestly had no idea there was a job like this in the area. I would hear about people online with jobs at places like Shared, but I never thought that I would be one of them.

Awa: I've always wanted to work in public relations, but after figuring out what I enjoyed doing through volunteering and internships, I knew I wanted to work for a company that allowed me to use my writing and social media skills with a lot of creative freedom. The job didn't exactly start out like that, but I grew to enjoy it even before it became what it is today.

Tristan: When I was looking for jobs, I don't think a company like Shared even existed. It's the dream job for a dream I hadn't even dreamt yet.

Meg: I always kind of dreamed I could do something like this, where it's a ton of creative license but still in my field. I always assumed I would have to settle for something that gave me stability and then do what I loved on the side. This job lets me combine both of those things and it's the best.

Tanya and Awa in: Victorian Slang

What is the most challenging part of being on the writing team?

Tanya:  It can be challenging to know what people want to read, and even when you do know, there aren't always stories that fit. But when we find what works it is really satisfying.

Awa: Keeping up with constant change. Our audience changes often, Facebook does too, so you have to keep up with all that. You have to be constantly connected so you can be relevant, and give the audience what they like.

Tristan: Managing to write content that's relevant to our audience, fits with our brand and follows Facebook's best practices.

Meg: Our audience is constantly changing their minds on what they like, so finding things that are relevant and engaging for our readers is tricky.

What has been the most rewarding part of being on the writing team?

Tanya: It's incredible to get to do something that you love to do every day with such awesome people.

Awa: Doing what I love every day, surrounded by awesome people. There's never a dull moment. I learn so much daily, and I appreciate that a lot.

Tristan: Knowing just a little bit about SO MUCH that's going on out there in the world. Getting to be creative and clever (I hope) and having every day be a little different than the one before.

Meg: I've learned a lot about how social media works and I like working a job where things constantly change. If you find yourself feeling repetitive in this position, you're probably not doing it right.

Favourite article you have written and why?

Tanya:  It's hard to remember a specific one, but I do still remember on my first day I wrote about a monkey that looked like Voldemort and that was pretty amazing. Basically any of the funny animal stories always make me smile. Or any time I get to defend one of my weird childhood obsessions like Grease 2 or Mannequin.

Awa: Oh boy, it's hard to pick one, but I'm well versed in everything celebrity and their families, so I've written a ton of articles about their kids or juicy scandals and those are always fun to put together.

Tristan: Cats that make us thirsty. Because everyone was uncomfortable, but those cats were handsome!

Meg: We joke that I have a Ph.D. in the Duggar family because I'm always on top of their stuff (and I secretly love it.) I also did an article on the worst Grey's Anatomy departures, which I loved because I got to experiment with a new style of article we hadn't really tried before.

What advice to would you give to any people interested in a writing position at Shared?

Tanya:  Come into the interview ready to talk about who you really are, because that's a lot more interesting then your fake "˜interview' persona. Talk about your hobbies and what you actually like because everyone here is really unique and it helps us cover a wider range of topics.

Awa: It's always a good idea to avoid giving "typical" interview answers, be yourself, go off script and don't be afraid to tell us who you really are. As a writer, things you are passionate about does play a role in the content you create so talking about your passions helps us understand what you can add to the team better. Everyone is special and unique in their own way on the team, and we love and embrace that.

Tristan: Don't be ashamed that you love pop culture. Embrace what you love, but be prepared to adapt, and never take anything personally.

Meg: Don't try to write what you think it "should" be like. All our writers have a different voice and different areas of expertise. If you try to mimic someone else's writing style, it will probably just work against you.

What is your favourite part about working at Shared?

Tanya:  There are dogs to pet basically every day, sometimes I even bring my own and it's the best. Also everyone who works here is so kind and hilarious. I literally laugh so hard that I end up in tears at least once a week.

Awa: The people here remind me of my family, they're funny, supportive and love food. Even if I came into work in a bad mood, I always leave happy. Also, if you can't get a hug from a colleague, there's always a dog around to give you one.  

Tristan: Jax, Lily, Winston; the office dogs that provide love, support and hugs when I need them most.

Meg:  The dogs and the food. And also my hilarious co-workers because in all the time I've worked here, there has never been a day where I haven't laughed so hard I thought I was going to pass out.

Tanya and her dog Winston

When you aren't at work, what would we find you doing?

Tanya:  Probably petting dogs. Whether they are my own or someone else's, I am almost always near a dog or thinking about petting a dog.

Awa: You can find me on social media, in my kitchen cooking or baking, at a restaurant or at the gym. If can't spot me in any of those places, then I'm under the blankets watching TV or spending time with my loved ones.

Tristan: Cooking, eating or thinking about doing one of those things. Also probably on my phone looking for things we could write about.

Meg: Watching Netflix like it's the air I need to breathe, taking too many pictures of my cat, and being too invested in hockey. Oh, or sleeping. I'm probably sleeping.

If you can write, love those dank memes and also dogs, our writing team is always growing, visit our careers page to apply.