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There Is A New Cinderella Weight Challenge And It Is Ridiculous


There is a new weight loss trend that is taking over, and worrying many people.

The Cinderella weight loss challenge is a controversial diet that began in Japan, and went worldwide through Twitter.  

The goal of the diet is to essentially achieve the weight of Cinderella, (yes that fictional cartoon character that barely has a waist).

Twitter users are finding their "goal weight" by squaring their height in meters and then multiplying that number by 18. The number they will get will be a body mass index of 18, which is officially classified as underweight on the BMI scale.

To give you an idea of how this works, I will show you with my measurements. I am 5'3, which means I am 1.61544 meters. So, 1.61544 x 1.61544 = 2.6 KG. 2.6 x 18 = 46.9 KG.

So, my "Cinderella weight," converted to pounds, would be about 103 pounds. Losing this much weight and being around 100 pounds at my height, would classify me severely underweight.

This obviously controversial weight loss challenge is exploding, with many users saying that girls should not be comparing themselves to a fictional character, and others saying that by saying Cinderella is too skinny they are, "skinny shaming," which is sort of a ridiculous statement if you ask me.

So, what does this do for young girls?

Aside from the banter back and forth about whether the challenge is okay or not, there are tweets about how much weight individual girls would have to lose to succeed in the challenge.

This challenge is extremely discouraging and creates unhealthy standards for young girls.

It is okay to be skinny, but once you start telling girls that they have to be underweight, and look like a cartoon character to be beautiful, that is wrong.

I look at this challenge and laugh because I don't know about you, but I am not losing 25 pounds just to be underweight. For young girls, it is a different story, and they will see this challenge as something completely different.

Extreme weight loss challenges like this could even cause eating disorders from people attempting to achieve this "ideal" weight.

No matter what people say about this challenge, I think it is ridiculous and we need to stop teaching young girls that they need to be underweight to be beautiful. What do you think?