You Are The Reason Traffic Jams Happen, But You're Also How To Stop Them From Happening

We've all been there before: stopped dead right on a freeway. With so much traffic there has to be an accident right? Once things start moving again we keep our eyes peeling for signs, but never see one.

Maybe they cleaned it up? The truth is there was no accident, no big event that caused you to lose all that time standing still when you should have been headed home.

The real reason why traffic jams occur is that we're all so impatient, but there's a way we can make sure traffic jams never happen again. (Assuming there's never another car accident.)

Traffic Chicken

This video is the easiest way to explain a question we've all asked at some time or another; what the heck happened?

Most traffic congestion is actually caused by something as simple as a car applying their brakes. When they slow down, the car behind them doesn't react right away, so they have to apply their brakes a little more. So on so forth down the line, until eventually there's a full stop.

So how do we avoid this? Easy, give each other enough room on the road and we won't have to brake whenever someone slows down.

Watch the video for yourself and maybe we'll have solved the world's traffic problems!

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