"Naughtiest" And "Nicest" Kid Names Revealed

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Your name says a lot about you. It gives a glimpse into what your parents wanted for you and can have a connection to your heritage and roots.

But according to a light-hearted survey done by School Stickers, there are some names that cause a lot more trouble than others! The company looked at who got the most (and least) reward stickers in a sample of 59,000 students.

Let's start with the girls.

Top 10 Naughtiest Girls

1. Laura

2. Eleanor

3. Daisy

4. Anna

5. Ruby

6. Isabelle

7. Elizabeth

8. Alice

9. Georgia

10. Jasmine

Top 10 Well-Behaved Girls

1. Chloe

2. Emily

3. Sophie

4. Jessica

5. Megan

6. Lucy

7. Hannah

8. Amy

9. Lauren

10. Katie

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