11 Signs That Prove Churches Have A Sense Of Humor

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11 Signs That Prove Churches Have A Sense Of Humor

Sometimes you need to spice things up to grab people's attention. Marketing campaigns, advertising, it's all an important part of a brand. For churches it can sometimes be tricky to garner attention from non-parishioners. But these churches seem to have gotten the hang of things. A funny church sign that doesn't just give out service details can be just what's needed to get people talking.

Take a look at some of our favorite, funny, church signs.

1. This church, which advertised its great "prayer conditioning."

2. This church, who wants to get one thing straight about your life choices.

3. This church, who seems to be practicing the "grab their attention and then reel them in" technique.

4. This church, who would like to set the record straight.

5. This church, who is summer ready.

6. This church, who isn't playing any games.

7. This church, who is grabbing opportunity by the horns.

8. This church, who is practicing their puns.

9. This church, appealing to our stomachs and our hearts.

10. This church, which makes a compelling point.

11. And this church, who is dead-set on cancelling your Saturday night plans.

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