These Mom Jeans Are A 'Pane' In The Knee

I think we can admit there have been some strange fads over the decades. From stirrup pants to mullets, sagging pants and bullet bras, there have definitely been some fashion choices that have made us scratch our head.

We can now add a new one to the list. Clear Knee Mom Jeans. Yup, you have heard it right.

Nordstrom is now carrying this Topshop creation that will leave you feeling futuristic. With "Slick plastic panels" that bare your knees, these cropped high-waisted jeans take mom jeans to a new level.

These jeans are definitely raising a lot of questions from Twitter followers.

"Are they supposed to be functional? Why do you need clear knees?" One Twitter user asks."I don't understand! Maybe they're easier to clean if you garden in them?" Sara Lang replies.

"won't your knees get so sweaty?" another tweet read.

Others took a more mocking approach.

Some were much more harsh.

They seem to have received some rave reviews on Nordstrom, scoring 16 five star reviews. Not sure how serious they were being though...

"Perfect for Spring in New England

Finally! These jeans are the perfect (whimsical!) solution to those chilly spring days when you want something fun and a little revealing, but you don't want to freeze your knees off! Can't wait to wear them at my moms' group Easter Egg Hunt! I'll be the only one there with no grass stains on my knees after helping my little one scoop up eggs. Just planned a knee buff at the salon so I'll be ready!"

"Kneed for the Seattle rain

It's been a long wet winter in Seattle and the worst part is, most of my raincoats end right at my knees, leaving them soaked. These jeans are my savior! The plastic panels shed the rain perfectly and I arrive at my destination looking fresh and dry. Bonus, the jeans are short enough that I don't have to worry about stepping in puddles and getting the bottom of my pants wet. I no longer kneed those fancy rain boots I purchased at the anniversary sale."

What do you think? Brilliant or a completely horrible idea?