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These Glasses Could Fix Your Motion Sickness


Can you read or watch a video while on the car or on the bus? I have never been able to. I see people doing it all the time though.

The ancient Greeks and Romans knew about motion sickness. Even NASA has made note of it. So if you have this common ailment, you’re part of a long tradition.

Roughly one third of the population are highly susceptible to motion sickness and most of the rest may get motion sickness under extreme conditions.


There are a few factors that influence our susceptibility to motion sickness. Statistics indicate that women are more likely to be affected than men and that the risk decreases with advancing age.

There is some evidence that people with Asian ancestry get motion sickness more frequently compared with people of European ancestry, and there are situational and behavioral factors, such as whether a passenger has a view of the road ahead, and diet and eating behavior. Anybody can get motion sickness, but it’s most common in children and pregnant women. Unlike a cold, you can’t spread it to other people. It’s not contagious.

Why do I get motion sickness though?

When you try to view a video, a map or read in the car or the moving bus, your vision is fixed on an object that does not move. But the body and inner ear realizes that you are moving which causes you to feel sick. If it is possible to read in the car go for it. But in case you get dizziness, the only cure was to refrain from viewing the video or reading. The not so pleasant alternative is to suffer from motion sickness. It can be really awful - some individuals can get sensations such as vomiting and nausea.

How has this changed?

Does the thought of a long, winding road trip through the mountains sound breathtaking or does it make you sweat? For me and I'm sure many it's the very definition of a nightmare.

Dizziness, headaches and nausea Enter the new Seetroën glasses, recently launched by French auto company Citroën.

Citroën  had this to say on their website: "Over 30 million people in Europe suffer from chronic travel sickness. In response, Citroën, a brand dedicated to comfort, is presenting SEETROËN, the first glasses to eliminate motion sickness. The principle of the SEETROËN glasses is simple. They contain a coloured liquid that recreates the horizon line to resolve conflict between the senses."

The glasses are being launched on July 5th at the price of €99 (approx 115.66 USD) on their Brand’s lifestyle webstore.

How do they work?

Put on the glasses as soon as you experience the initial symptoms.

  • After 10 to 12 minutes, the glasses enable the mind to resynchronise with the movement perceived by the inner ear while the eyes were focused on an immobile object such as a smartphone or a book.
  • Take the glasses off and enjoy the rest of your journey.

For use by adults and children aged over ten (when the inner ear has finished growing).The glasses are glassless, so they can be shared by all the family and travelling companions. They can also be worn over other glasses.

I personally think they look a little bit funny but they aren't meant to be fashionable. They are not that expensive when you consider that all family members can use them.  They use the Boarding Ring technology, which boasts a 95 percent efficiency rate after just 10 minutes. The Boarding Ring technology is a patented medical device that consists of 4 rings filled with blue liquid.

Citroën guarantees that you won’t look silly with the glasses on for longer than 10 minutes, and that you’ll be able to enjoy the rest of your ride.

Now check out a video of how the SEETROËN glasses work:

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