Think You Have Good Vision? Solve These in 10 Seconds or Less

Think you have good attention to detail?

This challenge will have you checking your prescription because it will definitely test your vision.

How many of these puzzles can you solve?

Let's get started!

Find the letter "O" in the sea of C's (now try and say that 10 times fast)

Can you get it?

There it is!

Piece of cake, right? We are just getting warmed up. Here's your next one.

Find the letter "E" among the F's.

What do you think? Got it yet? Click the next page for the answer and the next puzzle.

Did your vision blur on those first 2?

What's your strategy? Line by line, or just a quick glance?

Were you able to find it in the 10 seconds or are you a pro and able to find it in less.

Regardless of how long it took you, here's the solution.

Set the timer, because you have only 10 seconds to find the "Y". Can you do it?

Did time run out?


Thought those were easy? This one is a bit more tricky. The number "3" is hiding in all these random numbers, can you spot it?

Do you see it? Click to the next page to see if you're right and for your next challenge.

That one was much harder, wasn't it?

After you're done, you should share this with your friend and see if they're up for the challenge too.

Set the timer and see who can do them all the fastest.

Were you able to get this one in under 10 second?

Let's do a couple more. Can you find the "V" in this image?

Easy, right?

On a roll? It's about to get harder!

Find the "M" among the N's with a few extra letters thrown in there.

You're a pro now, you got this?  Here's the answer.

There are so many dots in this one!

Can you find the "i" in the jumble of exclamation points and j's.

Click to the next page for the answer and your last couple of puzzles.

Seeing dots yet?

These are really starting to strain my eyes, how are you doing?

Only a one more left after this one. Can you finish it with a perfect score?

That last one was a toughy, did you get it in 10 seconds?

Here's the answer.

Here's the last one. Deep breath!

What do you think? Find it yet?

How did you do?