This Coffee Makes You Feel Full For Hours


This Coffee Makes You Feel Full For Hours

When it's time to change your diet and start eating healthier, most people don't bother to look for a healthier coffee. But maybe they should.

Since 2009 coffeemaker David Asprey has been selling a blend called Bulletproof coffee. He claims that his creation will make your brain work faster and leave you feeling full until lunchtime, but the best part is it still tastes great.

The secret is in the two special ingredients Asprey has included: butter and coconut oil.

Asprey got the idea for a buttered coffee drink after visiting Tibet, where it's common for people to drink yak-butter tea. Lots of countries in Asia enjoy buttered coffee, but mainly because of the taste. Asprey mixes his coffee with special grass-fed butter, so it's full of healthy fats.

He also blends in a type of refined coconut oil that he calls "Brain Octane Oil." According to Asprey, most coffees don't do a good job of filtering out the mold that grows on their plants, which can slow your brain down. Scientists can't agree on how right he is, but there are lots of celebrities who swear by this drink.

Ed Sheeran and Divergent star Shailene Woodley both start their morning with Bulletproof Coffee.

If you want to see what all the buzz is about, you can find this coffee at some health stores, or buy some online.

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