This Common Sleeping Habit Could Cause Your Pillow To Catch Fire

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This Common Sleeping Habit Could Cause Your Pillow To Catch Fire

With the way we've evolved as a society, it's a shock that people aren't born with cellphones in their hands now.

Everyone is so obsessed with their social media, that people are even sleeping with their phones under their pillows now so they don't miss any notifications!

But now, authorities are warning people that sleeping with your phone under your pillow could actually be extremely dangerous.

Fire chief David Berardesca in Connecticut warns people that cellphones need ventilation.

"It is recommended that you leave these types of devices on a hard surface so the heat can dissipate. The batteries heat up, they could melt "” in some cases, explode "” and cause a fire."

The NYPD has also issued warnings about sleeping with your phone under your pillow.

"Don't put your cellphone under a pillow when sleeping or when charging your device. Please share this tip and be safe!"

Even the Samsung manual has covered the potential risk.  "Covering the device with bedding, your body, thick clothing or any other materials that significantly affect airflow may affect the performance of the phone and poses a possible risk of fire or explosion, which could lead to serious bodily injuries or damage to property."

At least two people have reported serious injuries from exploding phones, and many more have reported burns on their pillows.

Why take the risk of injuring yourself all over a Facebook notification? Keep the phone next to your bed or even just in the room.

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