This Dessert Has 74 Steps and Is Made to Be Smashed


This Dessert Has 74 Steps and Is Made to Be Smashed

Sometimes it's okay to play with your food. Executive Pastry Chef Anna Polyviou has unveiled this dessert that has 74 steps to make and is made to be smashed. The recipe is 8 pages long, includes 9 elements and is a luscious take on the classic English Eton Mess.

Dubbed the Punk Princess of Pastry, this chef from Sydney Australia created and served this decedent dessert at a a pop-up bar in the Lobby Lounge of the Shangri-La hotel.

This dessert has everything from meringue to berries, chocolate and pop rocks. The mohawked, pastry chef can be seen a mile away with her creative personality shining through everything she makes.

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Making this dessert proves to be no easy task with a huge laundry list of instructions to follow.

It takes a lot of work to make the mascarpone and vanilla cream:

From making the coulis:

To assembling the interior:

And creating the dome:

And the finishing touches:

Just to smash it to bits:

For the second year in a row, she has appeared on MasterChef Australia to challenge the contestants into replicating this complicated dish.

She watched the contestants crumble under pressure trying to make this complicated dish on television in just 3 hours and 15 minutes.

'It looks like a pink Death Star!' said Harry Foster one the contestants when the pressure test was unveiled.

Anna also appeared on the Studio 10 show to demonstrate how she makes this amazing dessert.

If you're going to try this, hopefully you have a steady hand!

Anna's Mess was on sale in the Lobby Lounge of the Shangri-La hotel from June 7-July 11, 2016.

Would you try it, if it was available in your city?