This Device Will Help You Find Missing Items In Seconds

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This Device Will Help You Find Missing Items In Seconds

If you're like me then you're constantly worried about misplacing your phone or losing your wallet and you can never find your parked car after you get out of a store. It's such a hassle to look for your belongings when you're rush or having to set off the car's alarm so you can locate it. Like me, you've probably tried carrying less things, downloaded tracking apps for your mobile apps and parked in specific areas but nothing hasn't really helped. Good news! There is an easy solution after all.

A California-based start-up company has developed a genius coin-sized tracking device that can be attached to any item that you'd like to keep a tab on. TrackR Bravo connects to an app on your smartphone and will help you locate a missing item in seconds!

The nifty device can be attached to your keys, phone, wallet, car, pets and more. Not only will it help you find your missing item, it will also send you reminders before you leave a place so you won't leave your stuff behind. If you have no idea where you last saw your missing item, TrackR's Crowd Locate network will disclose the item's last known location on a map so you can take the guess work out.

Check out the video to see how TrackR works:

Visit the TrackR website for more details and purchase information for this awesome device.

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