If You Dream Of Working For The Royals, This Could Be Your Chance

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If You Dream Of Working For The Royals, This Could Be Your Chance

We've all fantasized about living the high life as royalty: traveling around the world, wearing glamorous clothes and enjoying the best of what life has to offer.

If you have the skills to keep Princess Kate's busy schedule on track, you may have a chance to travel the world as part of her entourage.

In a once in a lifetime opportunity, the royals are hiring at least one new personal secretary. Rebecca Deacon, who's served as Will and Kate's secretary since 2012, will be stepping down this summer.


In case you don't feel like looking after Prince George and Princess Charlotte's play dates, Deacon was also the personal secretary for Prince Harry.

That means if the prince and princess decide to hire their own minder, there could be another job available working for Harry and his new girlfriend Meghan Markle

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The job mainly involves handling the royals' schedules, including all of their public appearances and charity work. You also have to give the royals briefings before all of their meetings. Deacon is probably leaving the job because it's too hectic. The young secretary is getting married next month and could use some free time to adjust to family life.

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If you're hoping to land this job you should either live in the UK right now or start moving today, because you'll need to already have the right to work there.

You'll also need to go through a very tough vetting process and background check, including interviews with your family and past employers.

This could take as long as six weeks. On second thought, maybe it's not worth all that work to carry the princess's purse whenever she steps outside.

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