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This Hilarious Wedding Crasher Has Started An Epic Photoshop Battle

The internet is a ridiculous place. Pretty much anytime anything funny happens, it is immediately turned into a meme or given a photoshop battle. This picture is no different.

When this couple has a very aquatic wedding crasher join in for their nuptials, I bet they weren't expecting the internet to take over and make countless versions of their wedding picture.

Here are some of the best ones so far!

Now he is the Best Beluga

Replacing the bride

Mike Tyson joining in

All Belugas all the time!

This is why you should tell people you love them

Gangs all here

Multiplying like crazy!

Just there to support a buddy!

Down in Bikini Bottom

Beluga of honor!

Take over the important job

Which one was your favorite! Share with a friend to make them laugh!

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