This Household Food Will Stop Period Pains In Their Tracks

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This Household Food Will Stop Period Pains In Their Tracks

Once a month, most women are hit with period pains that can be so severe, people actually start vomiting.

Midol, Advil, whatever you take, more often than not it's too weak to do anything.

Period cramps are so bad, some doctors are recommending women get a week off work every month to deal with them.

For people who want to try and remedy their menstrual cramps with natural ingredients, look no further than this common household food that will stop your cramps in their tracks!

Yep, that's right. Bananas are a natural remedy that will give you nutrients to replenish your body and take the pain away.

Cramping can be caused by low potassium, which bananas are filled with. Plus, the fruit contains a lot of B6 which is an anti-cramping nutrient. Potassium also helps to reduce water retention, which is great if you suffer from a lot of bloating during your cycle.

One banana contains enough potassium to replenish what you lose during two hours of exercise, so it's safe to say it can only help your situation.

If bananas aren't your favorite, oranges are a good source of potassium as well.

Have you tried this home remedy for your period cramps? It works for me...what about you?

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